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Bike and child as one - ergonomics that fit! The developers of ACADEMY Bikes have succeeded in developing ultra-light junior bikes that meet the most modern ergonomic requirements. They are of the opinion that, from a medical point of view, cycling is an important building block in the development of movement and shaping your child for a mobile life. Riding a bike should be fun for the child. That is why it is important that the weight and ergonomics of the bike are adapted to your child. This increases the motivation for biking. The results of the ambitious Academy project are impressive thanks to the support of sports medicine and orthopedics!

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Ultra light

Lighter than 40% of a normal child's weight


Child-friendly leg guidance, short pedal cranks, upright sitting position


Uncompromisingly well thought out

Lightweight materials

3-fold butted Aluinium frames, forks and specially manufactured attachments

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