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Graw Jump Ramps

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If you want to fly higher than everyone else on a skateboard, you need good ideas and skilled hands. Like Paolo Nelzi and Daniel Hilfiker from Turin, Italy. The two founders of Graw have been flying higher since 1984, when they first built their halfpipes and jump ramps for their own training. They quickly realized that wood is the optimal material for high jumps and long flights. Wooden jump ramps are light and strong enough to take with them everywhere. The elastic wood is also flexible enough to allow real high-altitude flights. Even 30 years later, Paolo and Daniel were still taking part in competitions and attracting more and more attention in the world of skaters, inline skaters and scooter riders with their jump ramps. Requests from numerous countries followed. Since 2014 Graw Jump Ramps sells jump ramps made of birch, poplar and beech wood worldwide and in different sizes.

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Birch, poplar and beech wood

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