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Stegga Trompoline Scooter

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The training tool for home

It all started in 2016 when long-time stunt scooter rider and professional British scooter coach Ben Wilkinson and Jerry Norman, the owner of Rush Skate Park, agreed to develop a special scooter that would allow riders to easily improve their tricks and moves at home on their own trampolines.

Their idea was to design a convex top plate that would provide unparalleled jumping height while protecting the surface of the trampoline. The development took more than a year and improvements were made again and again to bring the best possible product to the market. In 2019, Stegga will then be officially established as a company.

Stegga's goal is to make scootering accessible to as many people as possible and help them advance the sport of stunt scootering and take their tricks to the next level. They believe that the trampoline scooter is the right training tool to improve fitness and build muscle from their own backyard.


Aluminum footboard with special grip tape

For home use

Improve your tricks in the garden on your trampoline


No damage thanks to sanded edges on the underside of the deck

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