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Scooters, running bikes and children's bikes

The Czech company Yedoo builds scooters, running bikes and children's bicycles for those who like to move - from preschoolers to racers. The team around Kuba Bostl, head of the development department, attaches great importance to safety, functionality, quality and design. The development process at Yedoo is constantly active. The goal is to create products that meet the highest standards in every detail. Safety and quality of Yedoo scooters and wheels are certified by recognized testing institutes. In addition to outstanding functionality, Yedoo focuses on appealing aesthetics and has already won several design awards for this.

Yedoo shows again and again what can be achieved with passion, developer joy and experience to experience the next kick.

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Scooter for every age

Preschooler to racing driver

Reliable and safe

Beginners and for professionals

Superior functionality

Passion, developer joy and experience

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