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Stunt scooter for home

The story

One day in 2018 Aleksi was bored. It was winter in Helsinki, and it was too dark and cold to ride his freestyle scooter outside. His parents said that freestyle scooters are not meant for the house.

However, Aleksi was eager to try a trick that his friend had just learned. That was all he could think about. He just had to try this trick. This gave Aleksi an idea: surely a scooter made of cardboard would be allowed in the house? From a problem and a simple question, the brand "Indo Trick Scooter" was born.

The product

Indo Trick Scooter trampoline scooters are specially designed for use on trampolines and offer a unique experience. They are sturdy, durable and lightweight, which makes them perfect for tricks and stunts on the trampoline. The scooters are made of high quality materials and have been tested for performance and safety to ensure they meet the needs of recreational athletes and professionals alike.

Discover now our range of trampoline scooters from "Indo".

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Current catalog

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Flexible deck

Plastic soft deck

High quality grips

Similar to stunt scooters

Rugged design

High quality processed material

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