Thanks to our dropshipping, you only pay for products that you have actually sold. 


Dropshipping offers you the advantage that you do not have to buy the products from us until they have been ordered by your customers. In addition, we take over the packaging of the goods and the shipping of the items for you. Your customers will not notice any of this. Dhe delivery bill comes with the logo of your store. Thanks to a direct connection to your store system, we are able to send orders to your customers by 3 p.m. on the same day via DHL courier in your name. We generate our master and transaction data from our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which is updated daily at the customer's request.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is also known as "drop shipping" and is becoming increasingly popular with many stores. This is hardly surprising, because this shipping method offers great advantages, especially for startups and new online stores, since the investment costs for their own warehouse are eliminated. This is how dropshipping works: The retailer offers products in his online store which he does not stock himself. Your customers' orders are forwarded with all information directly to the dropshipping partner, who has professionally set up warehouse logistics. As soon as the order arrives at the dropshipping partner, it is packed by the warehouse team and provided with a delivery bill and the sender of your company. It is therefore not obvious to the customer that the delivery did not come directly from your online store, but was shipped via a third-party provider. In case of complaints and Return of goods , this will again be handled by the competent advice of the respective retailer. Just4motion offers dropshipping for various high-quality sporting goods. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities of a cooperation!

Dropshipping advantages

No investment costs for your own warehouse

No personnel costs for warehouse employees

Assortment can be expanded quickly with little risk and effort

Dealers can fully focus on their competence for the products and marketing


Stock overlaps and inventory levels cannot be controlled

No control over the quality of the shipment

Lower margins compared to direct sales

If you work with different dropshipping partners, the delivery costs can be increased (example Zalando, one package comes directly from Adidas, the other directly from Puma etc.).

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